New Luxriot Evo version 1.6.0 has been released

Nov 6, 2017

Luxriot Evo is a new-generation security and video surveillance software from Luxriot, offering a fast and scalable solution that truly answers your company’s security needs.


  • Archive backup wizard
  • Archive Calendar for playback mode in the Monitor application
  • Extended list of user permissions and audited events
  • New actions in the Event & Action configurator: “Display event in mobile application”, “Export snapshot to FTP or local folder”, “Start/stop audio file transmission to camera audio output”
  • Ability to raise events based on specified external data values in the Event & Action configurator
  • Functionality to send audio from the Monitor application to mobile applications on remote mobile devices
  • VCA reports in the Monitor application


  • Possibility to decode only the currently maximized viewport in playback mode
  • Improved behavior in multichannel archive navigation when moving along the timeline with mouse button held down
  • Support for hard subtitles for MKV format
  • Implemented STARTTLS security mode for the “Send email” action
  • Ability to start Monitor application with parameters using command prompt
  • Periodical mode for scheduled event in the Event & Action configurator
  • Possibility to listen to TCP port in external data source provider settings
  • Ability to change playback speed using mouse wheel on the speed slider
  • Subtitles support for video frame series export
  • Implemented Edge recording support for Axis, Dahua and Hikvision cameras
  • Settings for N sec navigation and timeline interval size for instant playback

iOS and Android Clients update

Luxriot EVO Mobile is a free application for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to access Luxriot EVO servers’ live and recorded video streams using your smartphone or tablet from almost anywhere.

  • Receive audio to Mobile applications on remote mobile devices from the Monitor application
  • Receive notifications from EVO server Event & Action manager
  • PTZ tour support to mobile application through HTTP API

Licence Plate Recognition 2.0.1


Luxriot LPR is an automatic License Plate Recognition application that is designed to work with Luxriot EVO Server.


  • 64-bit
  • Service mode
  • Web UI for local and remote configuration
  • Frame engine for more accurate recognition at high vehicle speed
  • Setting profiles for typical scenarios based on the vehicle speed
  • Ability to use EVO server Watchdog

Please note that Luxriot LPR 2.0 is designed to work with Luxriot EVO software ONLY! For Luxriot VMS, kindly use previous LPR versions. 

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